Steve Ouimette


About Steve


Composer Steve Ouimette brings a unique blend of classical training, rock and roll attitude and studio proficiency to interactive and commercial entertainment.  Renowned for his ability to create exciting, moving and highly authentic scores in a vast range of styles, Steve is one of the most diverse and eclectic composers working today.  His passion, expertise, and never-say-no attitude have made him the first call of AAA game companies such as Ubisoft (Just Dance series) and Activision (Guitar Hero series).

Returning for his third time to Ubisoft’s wildly successful Just Dance series (Just Dance 2014), Steve composed, performed and produced a veritable world-tour of original music ranging from Balkan gypsy and European dances to retro and modern electronic pop.  In addition he also forensically reproduced new versions of classic songs like Age Of Aquarius, The Love Boat theme, Copacabana, Moskau, and 99 Luftballons.  He inspired a new generation of gamers-turned-guitarists throughout the entire Guitar Hero series with original, finger-twisting songs, covers and remakes of iconic hits from the 60′s to modern classics.  Millions of downloads later his version of Charlie Daniels’ classic The Devil Went Down To Georgia continues to be a worldwide fan favorite and the undisputed mother of all songs to beat in the game.

Steve’s original music can be heard regularly on every major television network as well as commercials for clients such as Toyota, Nissan, Cadillac and Wendy’s.  Recent film trailers include The Lone Ranger (Disney), The Croods (DreamWorks), and Total Recall (Columbia).  Steve has produced nearly 200 re-records of songs from the 1940’s to modern classics, leading to legendary clients like Alice Cooper, Public Enemy, and The Knack.

A passionate soundsmith, Steve has released multiple best-selling virtual instruments with Sample Logic that he and many of his contemporaries use regularly in their productions.  In his spare time you will most likely find Steve digging through pawnshops, thrift stores or Craigslist in search of “junk” items that will end up on his next recording.  Steve is an avid collector, lover and restorer of unique and vintage tube and solid-state gadgetry.  He lives with his wife, cats, and studio ferret, Pinkus, in Scottsdale, Arizona.